Our commitment at Healthier Illawarra Men is the money we disperse will be used in the Illawarra to deliver programs and services for the betterment of men's health and mental health in our region. We also support programs and organisations that assist victims of domestic abuse.

If you are an organisation which would like to be considered for our support, please get in touch via our contact page.

Organisations we support ...


Gotcha4Life is a not-for-profit foundation with a goal of zero suicides, taking action by delivering mental fitness programs that engage, educate and empower local communities. Our programs create meaningful mateship, build emotional muscle, and strengthen social connection in local communities.


Raising the Bar Foundaiton (formerly The Barstool Brothers) is a charity whose purpose is to aid in the relief of mental illness within society, by building communities of people who understand and are aware of their own mental health and can help those around them.


The Gawura Aboriginal Corporation is a not-for-profit corporation run by the Gawura Aboriginal Community dedicated to addressing Aboriginal people’s social, cultural, and economic concerns in the Illawarra.


Escabags Ltd is an Australian registered charity who distribute ‘Escape Bags’ for victims fleeing domestic and family abuse. Each ‘Escape Bag’ contains high-quality products as we understand the importance of feeling comforted and worthy in a crisis. Our ‘Escape Bags’ are not gender-specific and, by providing two variations, ‘Parent and Child’ and ‘Single Adult’, we proudly cater for ALL victims of abuse.


Top Blokes Foundation is on a mission to improve young male health and wellbeing. We work with groups of boys and young men over 3 to 6 months to increase their resilience, empathy, and respect for self and others, and in doing so work to reduce the rates of suicides, mental health issues, and antisocial and risk-taking behaviours.


A not-for-profit fighting to end sexual violence through advocacy, education and awareness. WWYW aims to create a community safe from sexual violence and works with institutions, schools, universities and the government on making our world safer.


The man walk provides an opportunity for men to get together to walk, talk and support each other in a regular and healthy way.

The Man Walk provides an environment that is positive, supportive and inclusive, where there is no pressure and no barriers to entry. Just an opportunity to walk, talk and support! We want to make it ok to talk, and we want to make it ok for men to ask for help if they need it.


Lifeline South Coast exists to support people in crisis and ensure that no person has to face their darkest moments alone. For over 50 years, our highly skilled volunteers have provided crucial moments of connection that bring hope and save lives.